The Two Hungry Hikers are Cheryl Burger and Graham Thompson.  Separately they have backgrounds with a passion for food and the outdoors. Together their passion has grown into food IN the outdoors.  Amongst their friends they have a reputation for always having a nosh on hand no matter where they go. They have been known to leave some extra “essentials” out of their packs to make room for a crusty baguette, good cheese and some red wine.  Every trail has the possibility for adventure… and what good is adventure without a meal? So stay tuned as Cheryl and Graham bring you their tips on outdoor culinaria, hiking and backpacking.  Because you never know when the trail might be longer then you thought and your belly emptier then you expected.

12144_1163059287175_6640488_nCheryl Burger is an Executive Chef for Eurest Dining in New Jersey. She brings the experience of 18 years in food service; everything from local catering services to participation in rollouts of cafes on a national scale for the worlds largest food service company. She credits her love of the outdoors to her father and younger brother, with whom she spent many happy hours while growing up tromping through the woods of her families Connecticut farm. In addition to napping in the sun and lounging in the small river near home, with a tasty beverage and snack close to hand, she enjoys hiking, backpacking, snow shoeing, and skiing. She has even been known to begrudgingly go rock climbing despite her fear of heights. 


Graham Thompson is a Master Technician for REI in New Jersey with over a decade of experience in the cycling and snow sports industry. He has worked both on the local shop level and now with the largest outdoor retail co-operative in the nation. Prior to his career in the outdoor industry, he spent 16 years working in restaurants in Southeastern Connecticut and Rhode Island. He attributes his love of food to his fathers cooking, and the small gardens that he grew for the family. In addition to smoking a mean pulled pork or roasting dijon crusted salmon, he enjoys cycling, snowboarding, cross country skiing, hiking, backpacking and rock climbing. “Basically, if it gets me outside enjoying life I’m a happy camper”.



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